​​​​East Cascades Works Request for Proposals: Workforce Investment & Opportunity Act Youth, Adult & Dislocated Worker Services Question & Answer

Question 1 (3/2, 3pm): In providing our most recent program year's final report, is it sufficient to use I-Trac's PY 2019-20 WIOA Youth Performance. 

Answer 1 (3/3, 2pm): Yes, you may use the WIOA Performance REport within I-Trac to show recent program performance.

Question 2 (3/16, 12pm): Does the funder expect to see youth outcomes for the same cohort from enrollment through exit, or can it pick up midway? 

Answer 2 (3/16, 4pm): We would expect that the program continue to serve currently enrolled youth without a gap in service and that services under the new contract (that which we are procuring for) are ready to be delivered beginning on July 1, 2020 at the start of the program year. However, it is understood that with any transition, there is a period where performance is impacted so it is not expected that performance outcomes are meeting the targets immediately. EC Works views the youth program on a continuum rather than explicitly on a cohort to cohort model, so we understand that enrollment and performance ebb and flow. We set yearly capacities for enrollment and percentages for performance that are expected to be maintained throughout the year, rather than hard and fast numbers that are mutually exclusive to each cohort.

Question 3 (3/16, 12pm): Is there a conflict with our other WIOA funding sources and/or co-enrollment?

Answer 3 (3/16, 4pm): No, we view multiple funding sources as leverage and as a benefit.