Last Updated: April 21, 2023 (11:20am Pacific Time)

$275,000 while generous, seems insufficient to pay four full-time internship coaches plus produce all of the required programs and outcomes. Are these positions required to be FTEs, or is there an option for them to work as independent contractors? Positions are anticipated to be full-time, however as long as the goals and outcomes are met, they may be reduced time or independent contractors. Applicants should expect to present other funding sources as leverage and in order to braid funding streams to further support the program.

What are the expectations regarding the internship coaches' level of education and experience, and what, if any, certifications might be required of them? What specific BOLI training will they be required to complete, since part of the expectation is to educate employers on state employment laws related to minors?  The internship coaches’ level of education and experience will be the decision of the applicant. Doing research, and staying up-to-date on BOLI laws and regulations, is the responsibility of the internship coaches. That information can be found on BOLI’s website

Is there an estimated salary recommendation for the four internship coaches? Can ECW advertise those four positions and begin taking resumes, which the winning firm can use as a starting point for applicants?  There isn't much time available to recruit four full-time internship coaches before the contract start date. The hiring decisions, including salary, will be decisions of the applicant. Some providers may have more funding available (due to braiding funds from other funding streams). We realize that hiring takes time and would not expect hiring to have happened prior to a funding decision.

Since this program is in partnership with the school districts, should the pay be equivalent to that of an education assistant? What should the equivalent district salary be as a guideline?  This is a decision of the applicant.

If they are required to be FTEs, what level of health insurance and other benefits are we required to provide, as that could take quite a chunk of the total budget?  While we would encourage offering a full benefit package, this is a decision for the applicant.

Mileage reimbursement for travel to/from schools and program sites would be included as part of the budget, correct?  Yes, this should be included in the budget.

Is computer equipment required as part of the budget, since we'll be required to use the internship software platform?  Any equipment needs should be accounted for in the budget.

Are the internships expected to be unpaid or paid? If paid, do those dollars also come from this pool? How many hours are they expected to work in total, and for what length of time?  Per the RFP Scope of Work, 90% of internships must be paid by the employer (meaning the internship site) or through co-enrollment in a partner organization capable of subsidizing the wages, therefore youth wages are not factored in to the total award.

Is a physical office space required, or may the team members work remotely from home and from the road as they visit schools across the region?  This is up to the applicant organization.

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